David Cabrera is a first generation Cuban American commercial and editorial photographer born and raised in Miami, where he first started his career documenting the city and it’s nightlife. Since then he has worked with some of the most notable names in the music industry and was the Staff Photographer at Complex for almost 7 years.A position which he left in December of 2023. 

David works and lives out of New York City and is available for assingment worldwide. 

- Adidas
- Aimé Leon Dore
- Air Company
- Andrew
- Barron’s
- Billboard
- Bon Appétit
- Complex 
- Fast Copmany
- GQ
- House of Marley
- Nike
- Nobell Foods
- pgLang
- Puma
- Pure Beauty
- Wall Street Journal
- Warby Parker
- Warner Music Group 

  • David@DavidCabrera.info
  • 305.772.7543